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Bruce Lee: Why he was one of a kind, part 1

Bruce Lee Bronze Statute Hong Kong TSTFAR AHEAD OF HIS TIME
Bruce Lee was way ahead of his time in so many ways. He strongly believed in strength and conditioning as an overall part of his martial arts training, at a time when many underconditioned martial artists claimed to possess some magical skills, like a death punch or even death touch, the mystical din mak.

As mixed martial arts evolved in the United States over the past decade and a half, contemporary mixed marital artists are basically training like Bruce Lee did 40 years ago. In fact, if you watch the opening fight scene in Enter The Dragon, of Bruce Lee fighting the young and chubby Samo Hung, you witness the beginning of something that would evolve decades later, to become one of the fastest growing sports – MMA, mixed martial arts.

Bruce Lee choreographed all of his own fight scenes, and he was a mixed martial artist long before the term became popular. In addition, Bruce Lee was a moral philosopher, seeking spiritual growth (inner peace), mental clarity and emotional stability, in addition to mastering his body movements. In essence, Bruce Lee was one of the rare martial artists who would qualify as a ‘spiritual warrior.’

Bruce Lee constantly studied and sought out masters in a variety of martial arts to train with and learn from. His mental flexibility placed him light years ahead of his contemporaries, who rigidly stuck to tradition and egotism, self-deceiving themselves into believing that their particular martial arts style was the best and only effective style. Very similar to fundamentalist religious people, who believe their religion is the sole correct religion.

Bruce Lee’s highly developed abstract skills, creativity, curiosity, dedication, constant tenacity to learn, and mental flexibility were strengths that truly made him a superior martial artist during his lifetime. And we haven’t even discussed his inherent natural talent, athleticism, and developed physical skills, which put him several steps ahead of his opponents.

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