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How to stay sane while searching for your soul mate part 1 of 3, Intro to spiritual development

On this valentine’s day weekend, many people are out seeking romantic relationship, long-term relationship, marriage, and possibly finding their soul mate. This video is the first of a 3 part series on how to stay sane while searching for your soul mate. This video introduces a basic model on spiritual development, which will be important in the future when I discuss an integrated theory on human behavior, criminal profiling, and personality profilingĀ in more detail. People with higher level of spiritual growth have substantially different issues than most people with conventional level of spiritual development in regards to finding a suitable soul mate, but since they are relatively rare, this 3 part video series will focus primarily on the majority of people with conventional spiritual growth. The 2nd and 3rd part of this ‘seeking your soul mate’ series will discuss the warning signs of people who are emotionally unstable. You may want to avoid getting involved in a long term relationship with them because of their character-disorder and substantial emotional instability (neurosis) make them incompatible in the long run. By learning to recognize these signs, hopefully emotionally stable people will then spend their energy on more suitable soul mates. Click on the photo below to view the educational video on spirituality.

Stay sane searching for your soul mate: Intro to spiritual development

Stay sane searching for your soul mate part 1/3: Intro to spiritual development

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  2. By Cassandra on Dec 15, 2011 | Reply

    Your answer shows real intelligence.

  3. By Alojz on Jul 19, 2014 | Reply

    That’s a nicely made answer to a chgnlelaing question

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