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Dr. Tobey Leung simply changes lives and the world for the better through his spiritual warrior guidance programs. Grandmaster Leung trains and coaches highly motivated individuals to become successful in solving whatever problems or accomplishing whatever objective they have, whether:

1) primarily in the physical domain, such as:

  • improved cardiovascular and muscular fitness
  • weight loss
  • better nutrition
  • managing your insomnia & waking up refreshed from restorative sleep
  • living a healthier lifestyle
  • overcoming unhealthy addictions
    • illicit drugs
    • legal drugs: e.g. tobacco, alcohol, caffeine
    • prescription drug misuse
    • compulsive gambling
    • pornography, Internet porn addiction
    • sexual promiscuity
    • obsessive/compulsive behavior
    • eating too much/too little/poor nutrition/eating disorders
    • shopping and spending beyond your means
    • compulsive stealing, kleptomania
  • managing a wide variety of pain and other medical conditions
  • training to win in your mixed martial arts competitions if you are a fighter
  • attaining the state of peak athletic performance, whether you are an amateur or professional athlete
  • prevailing in reality-based life-threatening self-defense situations, such as assault and battery, unarmed and armed robbery, hate crimes, rape, abduction, & home invasion
  • prevention of common physical injuries and ailments that can hamper your progress in an exercise routine and conditioning program
  • succeeding in your daily business transactions with customers, clients, suppliers, contractors, colleagues, subordinates, bosses, and competitors
  • recognizing and managing con artists & common scams and shams

2) predominantly in the mental and emotional domain, such as:

  • management of 
    • anger
    • depression
    • anxiety
    • post-traumatic stress 
    • loneliness
    • frustration
    • wide and/or frequent mood swings
    • debilitating fear and phobias
    • history of traumatic childhood: physical abuse, emotional abuse/neglect, sexual abuse
    • physical and emotional abandonment issues 
  • enhanced
    • discipline
    • confidence
    • self-esteem
    • security
    • and leadership skills
  • improved
    • memory
    • concentration
    • focus
  • learning to problem-solve effectively and make sound life choices
  • improving your communication skills
  • managing your own or your loved one’s impairments from adult attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • developing the necessary skills to resolve many different kinds of conflicts in your various types of interpersonal relationships (interpersonal conflict resolution)
  • becoming a better parent and role-model for your children
  • learning to respect yourself and stop hurting the ones you love
  • adding more tools to help clients if you are a life coach
  • learning the difficult but vital task of criminal profiling to protect yourself and your family
  • understanding the importance of and applying accurate personality profiling to your daily interpersonal encounters
  • learning how to find and date high quality people you seek and deserve
  • finding your suitable soul mate

3) finally in the very important spiritual domain, such as:

  • discovering and learning to like your inner self
  • learning to meditate more deeply and effectively
  • finding that elusive sacred place inside you where inner peace, calmness, and tranquility dwell
  • learning to live a balanced life
  • developing patience and tolerance
  • learning to be a good role model for people surrounding you, at home, work, and in your social life
  • becoming a more moral and better person
  • improving your ability to both reason and act morally
  • solving simple and tough ethical and moral dilemmas
  • recognizing and solving apparent paradoxes
  • broadening your worldview and understanding how all people and the world are spiritually connected
  • understanding and applying the concept of social justice
  • developing the sorely needed moral virtues of empathy, compassion, loving-kindness, selflessness, and altruism, and instilling these attributes into your children
  • and ultimately finding the happiness, contentment, and great joy that you so richly deserve!

Spiritual warriors are foremost peaceful because they have found inner peace and discovered the elusive sacred place inside that nobody is allowed to enter, which paradoxically allows them to be more closely connected to others.

They are superior judges of character, yet have developed not just tolerance of others, but the moral virtue of temperance. They possess great moral wisdom and live by the code of bushido, can be found in practically any profession, and may be educated scholars, poets, and artisans.

Grandmaster Leung will share his extensive experiences, knowledge, and wisdom with you: if you are committed and highly motivated to work hard and strive beyond living a mediocre life, then he will train and coach you to become a well-rounded modern spiritual warrior who is successful in all areas of your life.


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