A) Strength and Conditioning Program: Includes muscle strength, muscle endurance, flexibility, and cardiovascular training. In addition, the program will include education in the physiology of sport and exercise, and applied biomechanics to maximize athletic economy and performance, while preventing or minimizing injury.

Flexibility Training: Suspension Split

1) Flexibility Training: Learn to safely maximize your potential for full range of motion, in order to fulfill your destiny of peak athletic performance. You will learn both the art and science of flexibility training.


Resistance Training

2) Strength Training: Learn general strengthening and sports-specific resistance techniques for the mixed martial artist. However, some women may prefer to focus on muscle toning.


Cardiovascular Endurance Training

3) Cardiovascular Endurance Training: Learn to get in shape the kickboxing way, and improve fitness and maximize health benefits from regular cardiovascular exercise. Elite athletes can train for peak athletic performance, while professional mixed martial artists can train for both power and endurance.


Nutrition and Supplements

4) Nutrition Sciences: Learn the basic foundation and cutting edge science on nutrition and supplements, and their impact on health, fitness, and athletic performance.



B) Health & Wellness Education: Warning: Medicine may be hazardous to your well-being! This comprehensive program provides education on the anatomy, physiology (function), and pathology (abnormal anatomy and dysfunction) of the human body, so the students learn to tune in and get acquainted with their own body, become more consciously aware of their inner health and environment, learn to prevent onset of common ailments, such as various pain conditions, and seek medical assistance from the appropriate professionals when needed in a timely manner. Also, students will learn to spot healthcare fraud and avoid becoming another victim of quacks, scams, and shams.

Health and Wellness Education Program



C) Self-Defense Instruction: Learn effective reality-based self-defense, from beginning level, to intermediate, and advanced level. Grandmaster Leung will teach men, women, and teens simple, yet effective personal defense techniques and the important strategies behind successful self-defense against larger attackers, multiple assailants, and armed attackers.

Reality-Based Self-Defense Program

Reality-Based Self-Defense




Criminal Profiler Dr. Tobey Leung

1) Criminal Profiling: This program is specifically designed for law enforcement professionals, federal agents, prosecutors, investigators, and secret agents. Professionals in forensic science, criminal psychologists, and other mental health providers, may also apply, but must declare they do not have a criminal record and subject themselves to possible background check. A history of felony conviction disqualifies the applicant from participating in the criminal profiling program. In addition, all applicants will have a personal phone interview with Dr. Leung before acceptance into the program.



Personality Profiling Program

2) Cracking The Code to Personality Profiling: Personality profiling is open to the general public. We will cover how to profile someone’s personality accurately and effectively, which can help predict a person’s behavior, and the program will provide great benefits to individuals from all walks of life, whether one is deciding on a business partner, choosing compatible dates, or searching for a soul mate. In addition, this personality profiling program is invaluable for a life coach in order to individualize treatment plan/strategy for clients.



Life Strategies Coaching Program

3) Life Strategies Coaching: Warning: Psychiatry may be hazardous to your mental health! This program covers common life activities, struggles, and obstacles along the entire life spectrum, from young to old, and will review healthy options to cope with daily life stressors. A heavy dose of spirituality and ancient eastern philosophy will be combined with western philosophy and life standards. And Dr. Leung will explain why psychiatry can be hazardous to your mental health!

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