Criminal Profiling Course

Criminal Profiler Instructor Tobey LeungDr. Tobey Leung provides instruction in an extensive criminal profiling course, specifically designed for criminal investigative analysts, law enforcement professionals, federal agents, prosecutors, investigators, and secret agents, although criminal psychologists, criminologists, and mental health providers may also apply. However, they must attest to no prior history of criminal record and subject themselves to possible background check. A history of felony conviction excludes them from participating in the criminal profiling course.

The criminal profiling course will cover the fundamentals of criminal profiling and personality profiling, and then the advanced profiling concepts will be applied in case studies to identify psychopaths, such as serial killers and rapists, sociopaths, such as con artists, and authoritarians, such as tyrants and mass murderers.

A good criminal investigative analyst must be a right-brained, abstract, creative-type thinker, compared to the predominant left-brainers in society, who are suitable for most other positions in the FBI and general law enforcement community, but criminal profiling requires imagination and creativity. Effective profilers have the ability to role-take and empathize, and thus can see things that others fail to see.

A key attribute of a good profiler is judgment, not based just on the analysis of facts, figures, and statistics, but on instinct. Many factors come together in our evaluations, and the objective evidence may point to a particular direction, but sometimes the ability to trust one’s instinct is key to avoid following a flawed investigation. In essence, the best criminal profilers are spiritual warriors, as described on this website.

The bottom line about profiling is we must be able to role-take and empathize from several perspectives, preferably at the same time. We must maintain our personal base, yet also let go and get inside the minds of both the victim and the perp. We must come down to the level of the sociopaths and deal with them at their level, and not ours, in order to manage their behavior and gather the necessary information that we seek.

It can be an extremely frightening process for those inexperienced with this sort of role-taking, entering the minds of the vilest criminals, such as psychopathic serial killers. However, if we stay at our own comfort level, the perps will continue to pile a stack of manure so high that the truth is never revealed. Unfortunately, less than 3%of candidates possess the fundamental abstract skills to excel at criminal profiling, which requires the profiler to simultaneously get inside the heads of both the perpetrator and the victim(s), yet maintain his/her personal base to remain sane. The psychological and emotional toll on the profiler is enormous due to the especially heinous nature and extreme violence of these crimes that require a criminal profiler’s involvement to help identify and hunt down the unknown subject (unsub) before he strikes again.

An effective criminal profiler must be an eager, lifelong learner, with high level of curiosity and abundant life experiences, because a broad range and in-depth level of knowledge is required to manage the wide sorts of violent criminals at large. Thus, this criminal profiling course will cover a wide range of topics exceeding beyond traditional law enforcement training and conventional criminal justice education because perps come from all walks of life, are in basically every profession, and intelligent sociopaths, almost by definition, learn from their mistakes and become more efficient and successful criminals. Thus, we must constantly learn new and unconventional, perhaps rather unusual things, and acquire wide variety of knowledge in order to keep up with the perpetrators, who have in-depth knowledge of and keen interest in these odd subjects, such as how to dispose of bodies and the best ways to dis-articulate the human body into numerous pieces for easier disposal.

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