Health and Wellness Education Program

Health & Wellness Education Program

Dr. Tobey Leung provides a comprehensive health and wellness education program that covers anatomy, physiology (function), and pathology (abnormal anatomy and dysfunction) of the human body. A major goal is for students to learn how to tune in to and get well-acquainted with their own body. Students will be taught to become more consciously aware of their inner health and bodily functions, while also paying attention to their surrounding environment. Emphasis will be placed on prevention instead of treatment for many medical illnesses, and thus students will learn to prevent onset of common ailments, such as a wide variety of pain conditions that plaque humanity. We should accept the fact that we are all only temporarily able-bodied. Sooner or later, we all become disabled one way or another. It is also important to know the difference between minor, trivial symptoms and significant, life-threatening ones, and thus seek medical assistance from the appropriate professionals when needed in a timely fashion. In addition, Dr. Leung will teach about healthcare fraud, who the common perpetrators are, and the personality types that predispose them to become frequent victims. Hopefully, students will learn to avoid becoming another victim of the numerous healthcare quacks, scams, and shams.

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