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Life Coach

Dr. Tobey Leung has extensive background in spirituality and eastern philosophy from his martial arts masters and grandmasters, and combined it with his western training as a medical scientist in the neurosciences, including behavioral sciences to finally develop an integrated theory of the behavioral sciences in the year 2000. Grandmaster Tobey Leung will share some aspects of his integrated theory in this life strategies training program, and this program covers common life activities, struggles, and obstacles along the entire life spectrum, from young to old. We will consider the variety of options from unhealthy to healthy in coping with daily life stressors. There will be a heavy dose of spirituality and ancient eastern philosophy, combined with western philosophy and western sciences in this life strategies program. Thus, this program is invaluable for spiritually-inclined people, including professionals, such as life coaches, life strategies coaches, lifestyle fitness coaches, holistic life coaches, and wellness coaches, who dedicate their lives to aid clients deal with common life issues. Here’s to your dedication and continued success!

Life Coach, Eastern Philosophy

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