Reality-Based Self-Defense Instruction

Street Self-DefenseGrandmaster Tobey Leung studied the martial arts most of his life and he instructs in close quarters combat, reality-based street self-defense, as well as traditional martial arts, and mixed martial arts. Grandmaster Leung teaches unarmed and armed hand-to-hand combat, realistic self-defense, blunt weapon and sharp weapons fighting and defense against a variety of weapons, gun defense, gun disarmament, knife defense, knife disarmament, defense against larger attackers, defense against multiple attackers, ground fighting, throws, take-downs, defense against take-downs, armlock escapes, fundamental striking techniques with open and closed hands, elbows, legs, and knees, submission fighting, joint locks, including arm locks and leg locks, chokes, escape from chokes and headlocks, self-defense for women and teens, and sidearm retention for law enforcement officers.

Grandmaster Tobey Leung holds a 10th degree Black Belt in Ninjutsu and is top rank in Shaolin gungfu. He has trained in American and Muay Thai kickboxing since 1986, and also trained 3 years in Tae Kwon Do. He is close quarters combat certified, reality-based self-defense instructor, and is a certified mixed martial arts trainer. Although people focus on the physical aspects of the martial arts, Grandmaster Leung believes the spiritual and mental training is the most important and often under-appreciated. Grandmaster Leung lives by the spiritual warrior’s bushido code of conduct and is foremost a spiritual master, then a mental master, and lastly a master of the physical or technical aspects of the combat arts.

Dr. Leung believes the body is the temple that houses the mind and soul, and thus he takes good care of his body and abstains from alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco products, and other negative addictions, such as gambling, unhealthy diets, eating too much or too little, sexual promiscuity, pornography, and excessive television, in order to optimize the opportunity for the soul to grow and mind to develop. Grandmaster Leung is also a moral philosopher, ethicist, anatomist, neuroscientist, behavioral scientist, criminal profiler, personality profiler, life coach, biomechanics and neuromusculoskeletal medicine specialist, and subspecializes in interventional pain management, sports medicine, and occupational medicine.

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