Spiritual Warrior Benefits

Spiritual Warrior, BushidoGrandmaster Tobey Leung guides highly motivated individuals to become spiritual warriors, who are creative and open-minded, humble, yet appropriately confident, and thus successful in solving whatever problems or completing whatever tasks are demanded of them, whether in the physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual domain.

What exactly is a spiritual warrior? During Feudal Japan, the samurai class were not just the warriors who fought and died on the battlefields, but they were the educated scholars, poets, and artists. The samurai lived by the code of Bushido. Some samurais were true spiritual (peaceful) warriors, and every breath that they took was Bushido. Another term used historically for this small minority of samurai warriors was ‘sword saints’.

If a samurai traveled through a village, and he came across peasants who made accusations of wrongdoing against another peasant(s), the samurai was the jury, prosecutor, defendant, judge, and executioner. It was a great responsibility because the wrong decision could lead to grave harm or injustice.

Suppose the samurai passed mercy on a habitual violent criminal, then the criminal would be set free to prey on further victims, whereas mistakenly executing an innocent person was also common. Thus, the wise samurai learned to be good at judging a person’s underlying character; he basically was an early version of a criminal profiler. Unfortunately, most samurai warriors were not conscientious enough and/or sufficiently skilled to judge character accurately and instead acted rashly, harshly, and unjustly, in comparison to the small minority of ‘sword saints’ who took their responsibility seriously to protect humanity, even the lowly peasants.

In addition, to be a good leader, a samurai needed to be familiar with many professions and all types of people (early version of personality profiling). The samurai had to know his own body better than anyone else did, as he learned to prevent and treat numerous injuries. In essence, he was an educated healer, who took good care of his own body, trained with regular exercise in addition to practicing the combat arts, and was a primitive expert on nutrition.

The spiritual warrior was a master in self-knowledge, overcoming self-deception in order to see himself, other people, the world, and a higher power more clearly. He was a master of life strategies, functioning as an equivalent to modern day holistic life coaches, lifestyle coaches, life coaches, life strategies coaches, and wellness coaches. A modern day spiritual warrior is a combination of a personal trainer, martial artist focused on reality-based self-defense, criminal and personality profiler, scholar, good role model, life coach, teacher or educator, and healer of pain and suffering (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual).

What I offer is spiritual warrior training and guidance for men, women, teens, and children. Some people travel the world in search of a spiritual mentor, but to find a spiritual warrior trained and experienced in the complex eastern philosophy and spiritual training at a wisdom level of a martial arts grandmaster in combination with the western concepts of the elaborate connections between the mind, body, and soul from the insight of an experienced physician, healer, and neuroscientist may just be a once in a lifetime incidence, and if he is willing to teach the general public, it makes this a golden learning opportunity. However, not everyone desires and/or is capable of learning the entire subjects in physical, mental, and spiritual matters. Thus, individuals may select what interests them most. In addition, people vary greatly in their background and experiences, and hence they may seek training only in some areas and choose to skip other learning.

It is not my job to choose for you, but if you decide to train under me, then it is my job to help you prevail in whatever tasks are demanded of you, regardless of what field you are in: whether as a Fortune 500 company CEO, small business owner, politician, attorney, military soldier, law enforcement officer, federal agent, professional MMA (mixed martial arts) fighter, life coach, mental health provider, personal trainer, teacher, parent, single person seeking a soul mate, or teenager coping with tough life issues.

My goal exceeds beyond merely solving your problem and instead my obligation is to educate you to become a better problem-solver for the long haul called life, by providing you with extra tools for your toolbox, or to supply you with additional effective tools that can help your clients if you are a professional life coach or counselor. Whatever your problem(s) may be, my responsibility as a spiritual warrior is to empower you to take positive actions and ensure that you succeed, and in turn, may you pass your knowledge and skills on to others and aid them in success.

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