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A Definition of Spirituality

To be a good fighter and martial artist, you have to learn more than physical techniques and really have to develop specific mental and spiritual skills to be very objective and honest with yourself in order to see yourself clearly with minimal ego involvement. In the field of combat arts, if you think you’re better than you really are or over-rate your skills, then sooner or later, somebody will teach you an enormous lesson and may hurt you pretty badly.

Being spiritual means to have realistic knowledge of both your weaknesses and strengths, and to constantly improve on your weaknesses to convert them into strengths rather than liabilities. As you may be able to conceive, that spiritual concept is applicable practically to any profession or endeavor. For instance, a physician who is overly confident may not be able or know when to request help and consult another physician, with the rather predictable consequence of unnecessary and potentially avoidable harm to a patient.

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