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The Paradoxical Ways of a Spiritual Warrior

Paradoxical Way of a Spiritual WarriorIn general, many people do have a hard time understanding the paradoxical ways of a spiritual warrior. It may even seem crazy to them: but yes, I’ve spent thousands upon thousands of hours learning and refining my skills in the combative arts, with the intent of never using it physically. I’ve spent most of my life studying the martial arts, so why would I train so hard and dedicate myself to something, with the intention of never using it and not receive personal gain of fortune and/or fame?

Spirituality is very much about finding inner peace, and thus it would take a lot for someone to provoke me into external physical violence. Many people who claim to seek external peace don’t see the need to study and understand war, but that is a very naive way of seeing life, and there is one thing I can be almost certain of: mankind will never achieve peace until we have a thorough understanding of war at its many complicated dimensions and levels.

We must master war, at all levels, physical and tactical level, strategic level, mental, psychological, and emotional levels, in addition to the spiritual level. We cannot just spend all our time studying peace and expect to attain world peace, without first mastering war and all the inherent complexities involved in war. A spiritual warrior is all about peace, and not war, although he devotes a lifetime studying war, in order to bring peace to mankind.

A spiritual warrior must be a master in solving paradoxes; in fact, spiritual growth requires the abstract skills to solve simple and complex paradoxes, and which separates the spiritual warrior from the majority of conventional thinkers, trapped by superficial appearances and inability to recognize, understand, and solve the numerous paradoxical obstacles of life.

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  2. By stacie on May 4, 2010 | Reply

    BRAVO!!! Human nature seems to Fear what we do not know, & to Fight what we do not Understand. To me, knowledge is power, & power is understanding, & understanding leads to composure.
    I would GLADLY go to Cali!!..but Only to learn w/ YOU, Tobey!! grins & giggles!
    Utmost of Blessings!! me.

  3. By Tobey on May 11, 2010 | Reply

    Hi Stacie, once I get the educational videos and programs up and launched on this website, you won’t have to leave home! People can learn the variety of subjects traditionally taught to and reserved only for spiritual warriors (at the upper echelon Master and Grandmaster levels), the indepth studies of a neuroscientist, including the wealth of information in the behavioral sciences, moral philosophy, world history, and ethics, without having to travel geographically, but they do have to ‘travel’ in their minds. How good is that?
    Thanks Stacie for all your support,

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