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Website development is in progress. There are many aspects of a spiritual warrior to cover, including the reapplication of the practices, knowledge and skills of a samurai, such as the code of Bushido, into modern day context. A spiritual warrior can be male or female, but one is foremost a master of spiritual and moral matters. Thus, Tobey Leung’s Spiritual Warrior training program involves 6 major components that will aid spiritual warriors to excel at virtually any and every task of modern life:

1) Personality profiling: by knowing people’s personality, spiritual warriors can predict their behavior, and by knowing one’s own personality, spiritual warriors can work on their own weaknesses and optimize their strengths – which is the ultimate goal of spiritual growth. For example, personality profiling is essential for a spiritual warrior to understand well in order to choose a compatible soul mate, rather than leaving it up to chance, a hunch, or idiosyncratic biases, and thus avoid the hassles and emotional pain of an incompatible relationship and divorce down the line.

2) Life Strategies Education: enormous amounts of information and daily stressors are found in modern life, and spiritual warriors require wide variety and in-depth knowledge to better cope with obstacles, challenges, dilemmas, and various people in daily interpersonal communication and exchanges, and to be a good role model for their children, friends, and the general community.

3) Health and Wellness Education: spiritual warriors need to understand common health-related issues, such as injury prevention and self-reliance in the management of many health nuisances, such as physical pain conditions, in addition to maintaining a clear mind and sound body, in order to maximize their daily productivity and provide the opportunity for spiritual growth.

4) Strength and Conditioning Program: spiritual warriors need to understand the fundamentals of exercise physiology and applied biomechanics in order to develop a safe and effective regular exercise program and to maximize their physical (and hence mental and spiritual) fitness.

5) Reality-Based Self-Defense: the chances are high that spiritual warriors, a family member, or a close friend will someday become a victim of physical assault. If you’ve been one of the lucky ones and have not been a victim of a violent crime or physical assault, you may adopt the dangerous belief that violence only happens to other people. But, the past does not always predict the present or future. However, spiritual warriors can learn and apply very basic and practical things in their daily life to reduce the chance of becoming a victim, and if they are unable to avoid the physical confrontation, spiritual warriors can use simple and reality-based self-defense techniques to deal with attackers.

6)Finally, an understanding of criminal profiling allows spiritual warriors to predict a dangerous situation before it evolves into a point of no return, and thus spiritual warriors can protect themselves, their loved ones, and others from a wide variety of crimes and malevolent perpetrators.

All six of these components are essential for spiritual warriors to learn in order to be successful and excel in all aspects of modern life: in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual spheres of life. Thank you for your patience while website development continues to proceed.

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